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Experience the highest Treetop Nets® in the World

Experience the highest Treetop NetsĀ® in the World

Treetop Nets®
Treetop Nets®


Are your clients looking for the ultimate adventure playground? Enter Treetop Nets®, the newest adventure at Zip World Fforest, and experience a whole new view of the world. Release your inner Tarzan, bounce freely and explore the canopy of the trees.


Set in the magical Douglas Fir forest of North Wales, the newest bounce sensation will be the highest Treetop Nets® in the world, more than 60 feet above the forest floor.


Features include the longest net walkway in Europe, winding through 250m of woodland, with large trampoline like nets and tunnels allowing the whole family to run, bounce and leap between connecting tree houses.


This new adventure took 6 months to construct and contains enough rope to stretch from Cardiff to London.


Enclosed within the net structure, adventurers young and old will be free to explore from net to net for two hours of bouncing fun. An adult and child-friendly option allows youngsters to build their confidence before becoming fully fledged tree top explorers.


Sean Taylor, Commercial Director at Zip World, says: “We search the world for the newest adventures that will impress our visitors and really give our sites the ‘wow’ factor”.


“Treetop Nets® transport people into a new world of adventure, and adds an exciting new dimension to the Zip World Fforest site and the Zip World destination as a whole.”


Visit their website for prices, including Corporate and Group rates.


Fun fact
The nets, hand-sewn by Breton fishermen, meet all the relevant safety standards and have helped researchers gain access to the highest reaches of the Amazon rainforest.


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