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Anglesey welcomes passengers from the ‘Nautica’ Cruise Ship

Anglesey welcomes passengers from the ‘Nautica’ Cruise Ship


Anglesey will welcome passengers from the ‘Nautica’ Cruise Ship on September 18th.


The ship, with a maximum capacity for 650 passengers will be anchoring at 0800 on the Orthios Jetty and is set to sail at 1800. Passengers are currently on a 12 day cruise around Great Britain and Ireland both commencing and terminating in Southampton.


The regular shuttle bus service that is normally provided will continue to operate, picking up passengers at the jetty and dropping passengers off at Terminal 1 for Taxis, Car hire and independent tour operators, the High Street for local businesses and the market, and also Newry Beach.


To see what Holyhead has to offer cruise liner passengers, click on the brochure below.


With a huge network of transport links - Wales welcomes visitors by land, sea and air.


Published 16 September 2016

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